Agency: NeoLabels
Client: Fundación Telefónica
Title: Sociedad de la Información

In 2014, we were commissioned by the NeoLabels agency to create a series of illustrations for the annual video on the study on the “Information Society”, by Fundación Telefónica.

Following the script, I imagined and created four characters representing two age groups and both sexes, a series of everyday situations, scenarios and elements in isometric style, all this playing around with the client’s corporate colors.

During the creative process, it was very easy to imagine how these illustrations were linking to each other throughout the video, so we also provided the agency with some indications of art direction and ideas for animations and movements.

These are some of the everyday situations:

These are some infographic scenarios to represent the data:

I also illustrated elements such as icons and electronic gadgets to support and enrich the interpretation of the data.

After a wonderful job of editing and animation by the agency, here we have the result.
I designed the ending scene paying homage to the iconic Simpsons couch scene.