Client: Aecovi Jerez.
Ilustration: Ximena Maier.
2014 – 2015

One afternoon Ximena Maier wrote me an email with a new project, they had commissioned her some labels for a kitchen wine, for which she would do the illustrations and I would take care of the art direction, the name chosen by the client was “Opíparo” , very funny and inspiring name.

I immediately started to draw some sketches in my notebook … a few days later I had a clear idea and I was very excited! I sent this to Ximena, giving her carte blanche to create the characters herself, as she would most like to do them.

Ximena loved the idea and after two days I already had some delicious little characters to work with in my mailbox, we made several sketches and some modifications, until we got of what the client wanted, this was the result:

An alternative version that we really liked for white wine was with a bunch of grapes:

The alternative version, with some very elegant characters, was discarded.

Shortly after, we were commissioned to design a new label for an organic wine with the same name, this time it was a table, not a kitchen wine, however, due to having the same name, we proposed a continuation of the design. Of the label:

But they wanted to achieve a differentiation between the two lines of wines, clear and easy to identify despite having the same name, so we put forward four new proposals, of which they chose the third.