Nido de Ratones


Client: Nido de Ratones, Publishing house

Nido de Ratones is a very small Jerez publishing house, one woman show by Paula Fernández de Bobadilla, which in its short existence has produced few but wonderful books, and for which I have been lucky enough to design two of them, you can see them here and here.

The client wanted to use an illustration of a mouse and the brief was to create an image as iconic and evocative as Penguin, but we had the whole world to explore. We worked on several series of sketches, we tested various fonts, colors and styles of illustration, with and without a mouse, in watercolor, in ink, in vector… until we created this elegant and friendly combination, in which the mouse appears looming from its burrow, fully integrated into the Baskerville typeface of the brand name.

From the logo we take the icon for social networks and the spines of the books:

An alternative type-only version:

These are other sketches that we presented:

The mice in this sketch are the creation of Ximena Maier.