CM: Código ético

Book design

Agency: Román y Asociados
Client: Cementos Molins
Title: Código Ético y protocolos vinculados del grupo Cementos Molins
Published in Spanish, Catalan and English

The main function of graphic design is to make complex or tedious content seem enjoyable and reading inviting, this becomes a major challenge when we talk about instruction manuals… I am one of the very few people who do read instruction manuals, nowadays it may seem like a professional habit, but it is a habit I have ever since I played with Legos.

I approached the design of this project as if it were an instruction manual: we continue with the style marked in the 90-year-old book: large numbers useful for scanning the content, blocks of text in short columns, highlighted texts on pages with colored background and air, all calculated to stimulate and facilitate reading.