Yorokobu, Volkswagen


Title: Concurso Hazlo tú, Yorokobu
Personal project

Hazlo Tú, is a contest organized by Yorokobu and Volkswagen®, in which you have the opportunity to design the covers of the magazine, playing with the letters of the word Yorokobu.

Happiness is a park.
Yorokobu is playing without feeling time pass.

During the 80s, a sister of my mother and her husband worked for the Big Toys® playground brand. These parks were totally innovative in terms of materials and design, their structures made of wood, metal, rope and rubber were perfect places for the imagination of any child, being able to go from being a park to becoming a strong cowboy, a boat, a cabin, spaceship or tree house without any effort.

I remember that all the games revolved around the little Big Toys® that was in the garden of my grandparents’ house, among mango trees and riqui-riqui flowers. It belonged only to the children and was for many years the place of games, mischief and confidences that I shared with my cousins.

To represent what Yorokobu means, I returned, first unintentionally and then with absolute awareness, to that park: I imagined the letters that make up the word walking on a beetle and suddenly that beetle was the blue one that my grandfather had, the one with the sticker rainbow on the rear glass, so pretty, so eighties! And so, between sketch and sketch, looking for a story to tell, those letters came to a park with a giant Big Toys. Then came the EFE ice cream cart, the Chavo del 8 and the jump rope … little by little each shirt and child began to represent something from my childhood.

Happiness is a picture.
Yorokobu is doing it without feeling time pass.