Cementos Molins: 90 años


Agency: Román y Asociados
Client: Cementos Molins
Title: Cementos Molins 2003-2018

Thinking of designing a book for a cement factory may seem to be a very heavy task (pun intended), but not for whom their first university studies (like this server) began with architecture: one of the architectural styles that I love the most is Brutalism, an ode to reinforced concrete and a song to the plasticity of cement.

When we design for a brand we always have a style manual to adhere to, and although the Gill Sans typeface is not one of my favorites, I must accept that in its ultra bold version it is perfect for this brand.

Justified blocks of text with strong drop caps, full-page photos, and a solid, blocky design structure turned out to be the selected way to celebrate the 90-year history of an equally solid brand that has helped build the world.