El Jerez y sus misterios

BOOK DESIGN: Cover design

Publishing house: Nido de Ratones
Title: El Jerez y sus Misterios
Author: B. Domeq y Williams
Editor: Paula Fernández de Bobadilla

One good day, Paula Fernández de Bobadilla, editor of my beloved Nido de Ratones, contacted me to tell me that she wanted to edit a new version of Don Beltrán Domecq and Williams’ book. By telling me about the wisdom and cultural value of the text, he managed to get me very enthusiastic about the idea, as always when he calls me to tell me about a new project.

Immediately, I was thinking about the cover design and looking into my font archive, an incalculable source of inspiration. I already knew that I wanted to make a typographic game and that I wanted to somehow use the beautiful silhouette of the glass of sherry.

In a world full of banks of free fonts it is audacious to insist on working with traditional fonts, but the main function of typographic work is to convey a mood and complement an idea. The proper selection of typography is worth a thousand words (pun intended).

As it is a book about sherry, which like all the liquors of Andalusian solera wineries, its history is full of myths and traditions, for this project I selected the beautiful, classic and elegant Garamond, an all time favorite!.

I adjusted sizes, kerning and leading, weights and the visual balance of the group, arriving at this result.

Unfortunately the project didn’t go ahead, so as I had already designed the cover, I donated the design to the publisher’s archive.