Client: Asubía marketing

Asubía marketing is a small and thriving agency located in A Coruña to whom we made an urgent restyling of their corporate image and their web presence.

For this project we received a very clear briefing regarding the type of font that the agency wanted, and the type of image they wanted to project with it, although they wanted to make a radical change, they wanted to keep the black color as a base and change the sand tones they used. for details of vibrant colors.

For this we changed a very nice cursive font, but a bit passé, for a condensed and heavy sans serif typeface called US 010; this typeface is non-lowercase, so we varied the padding and border to give us the freedom to create text games, without using a secondary typeface.

The last A of the name, with the characteristic red stripe that stands out from the right side like a flag, works perfectly as an icon for the presence on social networks and to print at very small sizes, whenever necessary.

Each service provided by the agency has its own representation within the created image, with its color and its graphic application next to the logo, stretching the color line enough to cover the word, allowing flexibility in its use, in contrast to what straight and rigorous that is typography.

The chosen color palette is composed of black and red as the main colors, and four very vibrant and cheerful secondary colors, to represent the four services provided by the agency.

These are some of the alternative sketches that we present.

For the web we made an adaptation of the Bridge theme for WordPress, from envato market, to the branding we created, here you can see a screenshot of the web, or you can also visit it.